Birdsong Jazz


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“among the city’s best soul-jazz ensembles, able to play up-tempo numbers, smooth ballads and improvised funk.”
Ron Wynn
Nashville Scene
“Best kept secret...”
Melba Moore
Tony Award-winning Vocalist
“Small but powerful jazz four-piece fronted by the locally revered John Birdsong.”
Nashville Rage
“Your tempos are rock solid and your beat is full with an excellent sound.”
Eric Alexander, Jazz Saxophonist
“Though this band plays small rooms, their show is anything but small. The band’s leader and bass player is the foundation for their big sound...”
Rebecca Malone
“When Birdsong plays his bass, he puts a serious groove and passion on everything he plays. If you want it swinging, Birdsong is your man!”
Rufus Reid
Master Jazz Bassist


“Smooth and swinging is what real jazz is about and John has that covered. His sound is deep like a bass should be and in the style of Ray Brown. Gotta love it!”
Deborah Brown
Internationally Acclaimed Jazz Vocalist

"Swings hard and plays in the pocket!"

The late David "Fathead" Newman

Legendary Tenor Saxophonist

“John’s passion for music is obvious every time I hear him.”
Larry Carlton
International Jazz Guitarist
“His guests at F. Scott’s could feature any number of guest performers as his steady grooves bridge the sounds and styles of different Nashville jazz generations.”
Nashville Scene
“the city’s senior statesman of jazz bass...solid but swinging lines.”
Downbeat Magazine
“Mr. Birdsong is a bassist who gives his all. What more do you need?”
J. D. Blair
Drummer for Shania Twain/Victor Wooten

“Birdsong is one of the most soulful upright players  around.  He can lay down the groove and maintain  a steady pulse.”

Donald Brown
Grammy-nominated Jazz Pianist

"John Birdsong plays with the spirit of the old bass masters. His choice of notes and defined time makes it a pleasure to perorm with him."

 Clifford Adams
Jazz trombonist (performs with Kool and Gang)

“John Birdsong is one of the most enthusiastic and aggressive bassists that I know.”
Rick Jackson
Jazz Pianist